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Mystic Waifu - Bio, Wiki, Facts, Age, Height, Weight, Measurement, Photos; Model

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Mystic Waifu; The thickest extraterrestrial.  She is a model, gamer and blogger from the United States.  Mystic Waifu described herself as the thickest extraterrestrial who’s ever crashed landed on this earth. 

Mystic Waifu was born on September 3, 1991 in Texas, United States.  She just celebrated her 31st birthday on September 3,2022. The thickest extraterrestrial is a Virgo. 

 She grew up in the United States and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She is a mother of two wonderful children; a boy and a girl. Mystic Waifu is the owner of mystic app and store.  She began modeling in 2019 and has become the favorite Promoter for the likes of yoins, Shein, target and more. The self-acclaimed thickest extraterrestrial has earned more than 500,000 followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. She use these platforms to promote brands and pass the messages of body positivity and self-love.  Mystic Waifu loves gaming, traveling and dancing.       

 Physical Features

Height: 5 feet 6 inches tall, body measurements; 40, 34, 55, that is; bust: 40 inches, waist: 34 inches, hip: 55 inches, she has a curvaceous body with a blonde hair and beautiful hazel eyes, her marital status has not been stated. She has American citizenship. 



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