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Adrienne Forrest - Bio, Wiki, Facts, Age, Height, Weight, Measurement, Photos; American plus-size model

Adrienne Forrest, also known as Earthiangel, she is an American plus-size model, digital creator, mom, body positivity activist and thicc milf who likes to hit the gym, traveling, and doing other fun activities.

Adrienne Forrest was born on July 19, 1991 in the United States. She just celebrated her 33rd birthday three days ago, on June 19, 2024. Her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Adrienne Forrest is proudly a mom and lives with her kids in Portland, Oregon. She began modeling and body positivity activism in November 2020. She has partnered with the likes of  skims, nakedpeachboudoir, work, fashionnova and more. On February 28, 2023, Andrienne Forrest shared a photo on earthiangel IG page where she was having a good time in Mexico with the caption “ Transparency moment!  I had such an amazing time in Mexico and I'm pretty sure I want to live there — but I had really bad anxiety about being that far away from my kids, like crippling anxiety. I had never gone 6 days without seeing my youngest son and let me tell you I was spiraling. My perspective on my priorities has shifted”.  On eathiangel Instagram account, she has attracted more than two hundred and ninety seven thousand followers.

The earthiangel's height is still unknown, she weighs up to 65 kilograms, the rest of her body measurements will be updated soon. She is plumpy and curvy. She has blonde hair and brown eyes, relationship status: unknown, Nationality: American.  For more interesting facts, head over to her Instagram page at earthiangel.  Enjoy your weekend!!!



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